Grass Fed Beef

Our natural grass fed beef comes from our herd of Angus cross cattle. All of our beef comes from cattle that are born, bred and raised on our farm and processed at a local government inspected abattoir where it is dry aged for at least 14 days. Our cattle are raised naturally which means that are free of any antibiotics, synthetic growth hormones and animal by-products and they only receive feed which is free of pesticides, chemical fertilizers and GMO’s.

During the summer the cattle are rotationally grazed. The cattle are moved daily to fresh pasture. Our pastures contain a mix of wild and tame legumes, grasses and forbs which are all an important part of the cattle’s diet. During the winter the cows are fed alfalfa/grass hay bales free choice, usually done out in the field to help spread nutrients for next year’s crop.

Hodgins Farm